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Last week, John Paul conducted a live webinar showing traders that 2015 is a “Super Year.” Historically, years ending with a “5” (e.g. 2015, 2005, 1995, 1985, etc.) all the way back to the opening of the financial markets have exhibited consistent behavior. What is it? All of these Super Years ended at a greater price than the price at which they opened. That’s right – they trended bullishly. How can you take advantage of this? In this video, John Paul shows you how to spot breakout moments and position yourself for success. And of course, it’s all based on price action.

When following along, you will be using a clean chart and just the ATR (Average True Range) with a Period value of 4. This period value of 4 means that the green line on the bottom of the chart will be based on the last four bars. The last four bars can be minutes, days, weeks, or years depending on your chart time frame.

With this Super Year method, you will be looking for long trades using two methods. In the first method, you’ll spot the highs and enter above the most recent highs, about two points above. Watch the video for more details and learn the second method!

Remember, Group Mentorship begins in just a couple of days – January 14, 2015. Enroll today and get the ATO (At the Open) course ahead of time. You’ll be able to study and practice in advance. During the eight weeks of training, you will be provided all of our courses and software. John Paul will train you twice a week and build your understanding of how to successfully trade the E-mini and other markets. Click here to find out more and submit your despot to enroll.

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