Wow, what a live webinar this morning. John Paul reviewed the January Effect for 2021 and provided many observations that may benefit you now and in the coming new year. This was conducted live, so the moving bars you see were the same as those on thousands of other trader’s charts. Perhaps one point that should not be understated is that 2021 was predicted to be an “up year,” and indeed it was—despite the prophecies of doom and gloom regularly seen in newspapers. Of course, there have been problems and the market is often no measure of an individual person’s livelihood, but this point is worth mentioning.

Right away, you can see a number of great Trade Scalper signals. Most recently, after the open, there was a nice Long signal followed by a big move up. If you happened to trade the open, this would have been a nice winner to start your day. The remaining portions of this video include a Trade Scalper signal review, the new Blueprint software (4:30) and a review of its recent signals, and an introduction to the January Effect method (12:15).


Continuing forward, we look at the two ways to trade the January Effect. Yes, “trading based on the highs” is one way. The other way involves applying rules to the retracements (focusing on long trades only). NinjaTrader’s Fibonacci tool is used, only simplified to show three levels: 0%, 50%, and 100%. This is simply the best tool available to find a center point between two other points. The actual mathematical properties of the Fibonacci are not considered, so no need to worry about solving any math problems. We have other videos showing how to configure the Fibonacci this way. If you have questions, feel free to email us at

Indeed, this second video explores application of the January Effect pattern throughout 2021. By the end of January 2022, we will know if 2022 will be considered an “up year” according to the rules.

John Paul’s analysis indicates that we are presently in the midst of a long swing trading move. He says that selling right now would be a dangerous thing to do.


What about intraday trading? This is the focus of the third video, the final portion of today’s webinar. Here, he shows the Atlas Line for the current day. The Atlas Line was “right on the money” with a Long signal early in the day and plenty of additional Strength and Pullback signals. Why stop there? Add the Trade Scalper and see if both systems agree on the direction. Again we see a plethora of long/buy signals and consistent agreement. That’s excellent. With two systems in agreement, why pursue any short trades? Exactly—there’s no need!

What about the Roadmap, one of the primary methods taught in the 8-Week Mentorship Program? Even more confirmation. John Paul explains more about the Roadmap than in some other recent videos, so if you’ve been curious, watch his explanation. Real-time plotting candles show how price behaves near the Roadmap Zone lines. Again, this was all recorded real-time in a live webinar filled with many traders.


If you have a question on anything or you want to learn more about our courses and software, click here for details. Mentorship is the best way to get all courses and software in one complete package.

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