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Memorial day Special

As you may know from watching our previous January Effect video, we’ve been out the lookout for more bullish winning moves during the remainder of 2020.

As you’ll see, today, Election Day 2020, provided many winning signals…


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For us and many others, the Atlas Line has been an indispensable tool for finding intraday opportunities that coincide with the January Effect’s bullish (long) opportunities. This video contains multiple examples for the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, and ATO 2.

To start with, today, Election Day here in in the U.S., we saw an Atlas Line Long (buy) signal early in the day surrounded by many other long Strength and Pullback signals.

At about 1:50, John Paul adds the Trade Scalper. Yet more Long opportunities occur, and many occurred in ideal locations (before the big moves up). We also had a nice Short winner early in the day.

At 2:30, the ATO 2 (At the Open 2) signals are shared. Again, more winning long signals, including a Chaser signal.

Do you take every signal? No. If you have these indicators on your chart, it is best to go with signals that match and adjust the profit target and stop loss accordingly. Avoid overtrading, though it is tempting on days that appear to be trending.

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