Hello Traders! Welcome back to day two of our exhilarating 3-day challenge using the powerful Trade Scalper software.

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In today’s blog post, we’ll dive into the market, analyze potential opportunities, and aim for another day of profitable and successful trading. Before we proceed, remember that trading involves risks, and it’s crucial to trade only with funds you can afford to lose.

If you missed the action on day one, don’t worry! You can catch up by clicking this link. It’s essential to follow our journey and learn from each day’s experiences.

As we start day two, the market is presenting us with exciting opportunities. There are four long signals on the chart, signaling a strong upward trend. We also had one short signal in the pre-market, adding an extra layer to our analysis.

Our decision to go long is based on the historical performance of the previous long signals, indicating a robust upward trend. Considering the Average True Range (ATR) of about two points, we have a clear understanding of our profit target and stop-loss configuration.

One of the unique aspects of the Trade Scalper method is the flexibility it offers traders. You can use the ATM strategy for automatic target and stop placement or manually adjust them according to your preferences. It’s all about being in control of your trades.

Unlike conventional indicators, the Trade Scalper method relies on price action. We emphasize understanding the method to empower traders with a skill set that goes beyond traditional indicators like moving averages or Bollinger Bands.

Timing is crucial in day trading, and the Trade Scalper method allows you to pick your trades. You don’t have to trade every signal; instead, focus on quality trades during specific times of the day. Remember, less is often better.

It’s inspiring to see traders with funded accounts from various platforms successfully using the Trade Scalper method. The simplicity and effectiveness of this price action strategy resonate with traders aiming for consistent profits.

To support your learning journey, we provide live training sessions and a free member account with valuable resources. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, there’s always room for improvement and refinement of your trading skills.


As we wait for the market to unfold and hit our profit target, remember to download the necessary indicators and explore our free member account at daytradetowin.com. Stay tuned for the final day of our 3-day Trade Scalper challenge, and until then, happy trading!

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