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Take a look at the above charts from today, February 14, 2014, and you’ll notice some very good long and short trades on the ES (E-mini S&P 500) and the 6E (Euro FX). Let’s be clear – what you’re looking at his the Trade Scalper software that comes with the Trade Scalper course. The Trade Scalper software is programmed for NinjaTrader only. Don’t have NinjaTrader or want to use NinjaTrader alongside your main platform? We can provide you with a demo copy of NinjaTrader and a live (demo) data feed for you to use. Don’t want to use NinjaTrader? Don’t worry – you don’t even have to use the Trade Scalper software because you are fully taught the method in the 100 page course plus the free, live training with John Paul. That’s right – you can trade independently of any indicator-type software because the rules are price action based. The live training will occur early next week, so it’s a good idea to purchase now and study up before the live training.

A couple points about what makes the Trade Scalper different from our other methods:

• It uses 1-min charts (short time frame) compared to the 5-min charts the Atlas Line and other strategies use.
• Since it’s a scalping method, you’re looking to get in and out quickly. Less time waiting for trades to occur. More opportunities.
• Tight profit targets and stop loss. Are the markets suddenly slowing down too much for your primary trading method? The Trade Scalper needs less market activity.
• You can trade it almost 24 hours a day.
• Trade nearly any future or currency market.

With purchase, you also get the bonus Floor Trader Secrets Manual. This strategy, also called the X-5, is effective on 5-min E-mini charts. It’s a digital course and you can fully trade it without any software.

2 Responses

  1. Dear John,

    I have visited your website DTTW and reviewed all your products.
    I also have read some of users comments within the internet worlds.
    They are positives and impressive. Your video shots has proven that your systems work.

    I have never traded E-minis and currencies. Have experience trading in stocks and binary options.
    However, results are not encouraging. I am still looking for trading system that can generate consistent income for me, and yours is one option. However, I have a few questions as below.

    1. If I am to begin using your system, which one would you recommend to start with. Please be informed that I do not have much money and would like to start with minimum amount and slowly generate income to grow my trading.
    2. Does your system works on MT4 platform?
    3. Can I trade your system using MT4 for stock trading?
    4. If I were to purchase Trade Scalper, can it run on MT4 platform. If cannot how do I use the system? What are additional costs that I need to bear, in order to enable me to trade?

    I hope to receive your favourable reply soonest.


    Azizan Omar

    1. Hi Azizan,

      Sure, we can help answer your questions:

      1. For starting out with a minimal investment, we recommend either the Atlas Line or Trade Scalper. If you are able to trade from 9:30 a.m. to noon EST and can settle with two to four trades on average per day during this time period, the Atlas Line is a good choice. If you prefer more frequent action in the markets and want to trade outside of these hours, the Trade Scalper is the better option.

      2. and 3. Our software does not work with the MT4 platform. The Atlas Line works with your choice of either NinjaTrader, TradeStation, or eSignal. Good news – the Trade Scalper, since you fully learn the method, can be used on any platform, including MT4. However, its software component requires NinjaTrader. Again, it is important to mention that using the Trade Scalper’s software is not a requirement – it is simply a visual confirmation tool since you learn the entry and trade management rules in their entirety. Both the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper are meant to work for fast-moving futures and currencies, not stocks.

      4. You will simply learn the entry, profit target, and stop loss rules and manually place trades on the MT4 platform. The Trade Scalper is price action based, so your trading rules are based on price and time only. The current cost of $597 includes live training with John Paul, the digital course (about 100 pages), a recording of the live training is provided, and Trade Scalper software (only for NinjaTrader). These are the only costs from us.

      If you have further questions, please email us at

      Thank you,

      DTTW Support

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