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How to Trade the News

Using the ABC Pattern

Using the ATR to Gauge a Market’s Tradeability

25 Responses

  1. Hi John it’s the most simplest way I have ever seen to trade.
    The way you explain it.
    I look forward to beening your student soon.
    Thank you

  2. “How to Trade the News” is sheer brilliance…kind of reminds me of the old westerns from the 1950’s…instead of trying to head the bad guys off at the pass, let them pass through and then follow them from behind and lasso ’em! Heck, make a profit while having fun to boot.

  3. Great, glad you enjoyed, it, i would recommend the free download to the news indicator for ninja trader if you use ninja trader. This will help you know ahead of time when the news occurs.

  4. Thank you for the nice and explicit explanation.
    Does your atlas line and software covers indian stock markets?

  5. Hi John,

    Thanks for the email with free video. Excellent and Impressed about news trading.
    What time is the webinar? I work Monday to Friday (9 to 5) et, so wondering if i will be able to attend the webinar.


    – Azeem

  6. Thanks for the free video. Looking forward to learn more about trading using your method. I’m in the process of learning how to trade, looking for the right platform and broker. I hope you can give me more in sights on this.

    1. Tom, that’s right – it’s a five minute chart. Remember, you can watch the videos in HD by clicking the video player’s gear icon and selecting 720p. After the video switches to HD, click on the fullscreen button and you should be able to see the chart clearly.


    1. Hi Mhd,

      For these free methods, we are mostly using five minute charts, which means that each bar is 20 minutes. Please let us know when you’re referencing specifically and we can help. It’s recommend that you become familiar with the trading platform and how to enter trades.

      With that said, for our commercial methods, each one is different and the exact entries for each method are taught. After purchase you will have the ability to learn these methods, and how to manage each trade. When you’re ready, feel free to call us at 888-607-0008 if you would like to discuss which course is right for you.

      Thank you,


  7. Hi J.P. and Crew, Man you are a breath of fresh Air. I’m reading over all of your material, and I’m
    going to watch every video. My goal is to become a professional trader like you. I believe you can, and will help me achieve this goal. J.P. I’m looking for one thing. Education, Education, Education. And I know
    you are the right man for the job. I want to learn all of your courses. I would like to start with the
    ATLAS LINE. If you think I need to start with another course, please feel free to advise. I’m all EARS man. And my MIND is WIDE OPEN. After reading and listing to you teach, and explain how this market works, I realize, how much I didn’t know, and don’t know. Didn’t mean to be so long winded. But I had
    to pay my respect to you. It’s not everyday you find someone of your character. I’ll be ordering the course by the end of this month, if not sooner. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ben,

      The Trade Scalper is one of the preferred methods among our traders. Students who take the Mentorship Program and learn all of our strategies usually prefer to use the Trade Scalper in combination with other methods. I believe John Paul recently responded to your email with the same question. Please review his answer and let us know if you have any questions via email.

      Thank you!

  8. Is there anything to trade in the evenings or later, central time, that are as good as the ones when the US markets are open?

  9. Really informative stuff, love to find a way to understand price action and what all the candle patterns mean as regards price action, but great videos John Paul,


  10. Hi Paul,
    I think you are the best damn thing that has ever happened! I watched a lot of your videos and i’m very intrigued! I’ve been trading with binary options for a little bit with decent success. I’ve been day trading with a professional group that produces a decent 70% success rate but i’m looking for even better results. If I was to use your abc method and found an entry, could I put it long or short for the end of the exchange session once I see the signal? If so, what kind of percentage success rate would I be looking at roughly?

    Thank you for your time,


    1. Hi Andrew and thank you for your thoughts!

      We are always adding new videos, so remember to keep checking back.

      The accuracy of our trading methods depends on many factors such as the market being traded, whether the volatility is slow, normal or fast, and if news is impacting the market (like the FOMC does on occasion in the afternoon).

      First, it’s wise to test the patterns in the markets you want to trade over a significant period of time. Since you already know the ABC pattern, test it under live simulation.

      Remember to email us directly or use the contact page if you have further questions.

      Thank you,


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