For many years, we’ve been producing trading videos like this showing John Paul taking real-time trades using the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, and other methods. We’ve heard from so many traders who find these videos useful to get a sense of what using the software is actually like.

This video starts off with a short signal review for the Atlas Line. You can also see a couple of Trade Scalper trades. Keep in mind, they are separate methods/products and you can get both and much more by enrolling in our next 8-Week Mentorship Program.


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This video’s focus is mainly the Atlas Line and that’s what’s traded in the latter portion. You’ll see John Paul place a trade based on Atlas Line Strength signals. Where are the signals? Those small letter “S” marks near the candles. The price action tells John Paul to buy/go Long for a profit target of three points. John Paul uses five contracts to do so. This equates to a profit potential of $750 before any fees or commissions, if you were trading this with your account.

Remember, each tick of the E-mini is worth $12.50. Therefore, the math works out like this: $12.50 E-mini tick value * 4 ticks in a point * John Paul’s 3 point profit target for this trade * 5 contracts he decided to use = $750. Get it? It’s not necessary that you trade with five contracts. You could have traded with one contract or used a simulation account to gain experience. It’s all up to you and what you feel comfortable with as you practice and learn this price action trading method.

We’ll teach you exactly how to trade each opportunity presented by the Atlas Line. There won’t be any second guessing the signals or what to do when you see them. We like to trade objectively and that’s what separates us from many others in this industry.

We look forward to helping you become a better trader!

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