Are you still using momentum, stochastics, moving averages, or Bollinger Bands? If you’re not getting the results you want, maybe It’s time to rethink how you trade. For over a decade, we’ve been teaching unique price action techniques. Again and again, we’ve heard from people who after many years realize that price action is one of the few things that seems to work.

In this video, you’ll see two trading techniques that are entirely based on price action: the Trade Scalper and Roadmap. The Trade Scalper focuses on quick, in and out action. The Roadmap provides signals for larger, anticipated moves. In addition, it draws Zone lines that identify potential reversal points before they’re expected to occur.


If you have a reason to expect a reversal, could you use that reversal point as a stop loss, with say, the Trade Scalper? Certainly and that’s what John Paul demonstrates here. In fact, some traders may have been too timid to go with with the Long signal that occurred after the Short. However, the Roadmap’s additional confirmation was helpful.

Indeed, the Roadmap has many uses. In our 8-Week Mentorship Program, it’s a primary filter for our other strategies. Our next 8-Week Mentorship begins Oct. 4. Click here to see what you can expect. If you are interested in getting the Roadmap as a standalone method, you may email us at

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