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In this video, John Paul demonstrates how the Mentorship Program provides a plan for tackling the markets every day. Without a plan, it’s almost impossible to get ahead. He’s demonstrating using the E-mini S&P 500 and the September 2016 contract.

Before risking money in the markets, you have to consider the following:

…and so on. These strategies, and the others that are taught in Mentorship, work together to filter and validate trades. In the video’s example, you’ll see how an Atlas Line long trade works. As the market continues higher, a Roadmap area indicates caution ahead. This sensitive area is where the market will likely encounter manipulation and greater unpredictability. Sure enough, the market stalled out in the Roadmap, then reversed. If you knew in advance this was a problem area, you would have stayed out and possibly prevented loss. The market continues bearishly, reaching a period of Yo-Yo Bars. It would have been tempting to guess the chop was over and jump in without a plan. Instead, you should have a reason for placing a trade. The Atlas Line provides this reason, in the form of a short signal. This short is confirmed by a Blueprint trade. In this scenario, there are to strategies telling John Paul to go short.

Remember that the Mentorship Program teaches you many different price action strategies and how to use them together as one cohesive trading plan. In John Paul’s recap, you’ll see seven types of trades for this one day. You do not have to take them all, but there are plenty of opportunities. Don’t trade more – trade correctly!

Alternatively, you can enroll in a one-on-one class (Individual Mentorship), where you can talk with John Paul over Skype and customize the training to meet your schedule.

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