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Marcus participated in the Mentorship Program over a year ago. He soon became a professional day trader. He was skeptical at first, but went through our eight-week coaching program, put in the time studying, and eventually left his full-time job to become a pro trader. He says he has been profitable because of the Mentorship Program and says the training is definitely worth it. He commends John Paul for his help along the way.

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  1. I had a similar experience around the same time Marcus was first exposed to daytrading. I made some money trading stocks, but had no trading training, so I lost almost all my profits. I have been watching and studying a lot of videos on Day Trade to Win for more a while. I am getting some money together to take John Paul’s course. My goal is have the training done by the end of 2016, including putting a lot time with the software. I will trade, with small amounts at first, then work my way up to 10 contracts at a time in order to finally become a full-time trader like Marcus.

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