Welcome to a thrilling journey into the world of trade scalping, where we explore the art of making quick and efficient trades in the financial markets.

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Today, on October 24th, we dive deep into the trade scalping method, which is grounded in the power of price action.

In this blog post, we will walk you through a live example, demonstrating how to identify signals and seize the opportunity for potential quick wins. But before we get started, a friendly reminder: trading involves risk, so only use funds you can afford to lose.

The Power of Price Action

The trade scalper software is based on the timeless concept of price action. This approach allows you to trade effectively in virtually any market, whether it’s cryptocurrencies, the NASDAQ, stocks, or more. The key is to avoid slow markets and unfavorable trading hours, such as overnight or after-hours sessions. Focus your efforts during active market hours, and the potential for success multiplies.

The beauty of the trade scalper method lies in its simplicity. It’s designed to give traders a clear and precise edge. Each signal provided by the method is accessible to every trader using the system, creating a level playing field. There are no optimizations or hidden secrets, which means that what you see is exactly what everyone else sees. This puts you ahead of the game and allows you to anticipate market movements with confidence.

Executing a Trade

To put this into practice, let’s consider an example. Imagine a short signal at 42.63 for the E-mini S&P. You’d execute the trade by entering a short position at this price. The Trade Scalper program simplifies the process and provides precise entry and exit points.

When scalping, it’s essential to set targets and stops that align with your trading style. In this case, we recommend aiming for a small profit before considering a trailing stop. Two points, equivalent to eight ticks, could be a reasonable target based on current market volatility. You can also use the Average True Range (ATR) to determine suitable targets and stops.

To minimize the risk of holding losing positions or missing profitable exits, consider using a time-based stop. On a one-minute chart, we recommend closing your position if, after four to five candles (or roughly 4-5 minutes), your trade hasn’t hit the target. This approach helps you achieve quick and decisive results.

Consistency is Key

The beauty of trade scalping is that it provides numerous signals daily. If you miss one, don’t fret. Chasing the market is a risky move. Wait for the next signal, whether it’s a long or short opportunity.

The Trade Scalper program comes with user-friendly settings and helpful indicators, such as the Double Wick signal. It simplifies the trading process and helps you make informed decisions.


Trade scalping is a powerful method that enables traders to capitalize on quick market movements. By understanding the signals, setting precise targets and stops, and using time-based stops, you can trade with confidence and consistency. While it may seem overwhelming at first, practice and experience will refine your skills.

If you’re new to day trading or looking to enhance your trading abilities, consider joining a mentorship class and stay updated with our educational content on the DayTradetoWin YouTube channel. Happy trading!

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