In this webinar presentation, see why it’s better to trade with a clean chart and reliable strategies. The Atlas Line is software that provides entry signals for your charting platform (NinjaTrader, TradeStation or eSignal). The plotted line provides an indication of where you should be trading; either long or short. With the three stop strategies, you can reduce risk by trading with a complete plan. Take a look at the ES, NG and GC charts in the video.

At about 23 minutes in, John Paul teaches Yo-Yo Bars. Yo-yo bars are candles that “try” to go higher or lower but cannot. By learning to recognize them, you can better gauge price movement for managing trades. Since this method is price action based, it works well with the Atlas Line (six month or lifetime license available).

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2 Responses

  1. Hi John Paul Happy Holidays to you and everybody at DTTW.
    My question is from the video on Yo Yo trading at the very end you brought
    up a second Atlas Line the London atlas line, looking at the video it looked like the
    London A/L ended and then the USA atlas line was shown right after it. My question or thought is
    does the London atlas line give me an idea of which direction the USA atlas line will open. Meaning if the London atlas line is showing all long trades or an upward trend when it ends will the USA opening atlas line more than likely continue in the upward trend. I’m asking because I sit there in the morning PCT and wait to see what direction the Atlas Line is going to go . I can’t always tell, If i knew what direction it was going to open up in that would help prepare me for my opening trade. Thanks for your Help. Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff,
      the best way to know where the atlas line will plot is if you change the setting from true to false, “calculate on bar close” this will give you the signal ahead of time, but will change as the bar plots up and down. if this is unclear you can always email me for clarification.
      Enjoy the holidays,

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