Learn This Easy Stop Loss Strategy to Manage Trading Risk

A big secret to successful trading is knowing when to get out of the trade at profit or loss. Watch this new video to see how we manage Atlas Line and Trade Scalper trades… >> Get the Atlas Line and/or Trade Scalper << We like to hold a trade for a maximum of 4 or […]

Do you trust your Forex trading strategy?

Most individuals do not win profits from their Forex trading business. Due to the high volatility of this marketplace, they cannot utilize their position sizing with the pip deviation. The faulty traders often use inefficient money management for executing an order. They also neglect position sizing with reliable trade compositions. The rookies don’t even use […]

NinjaTrader 8 ATM Strategy for Beginners & Scalper Signals

If you’re new to NinjaTrader 8 or trading in general, you may have found that placing orders is one of the most difficult aspects. So, what’s a solution? Practicing NinjaTrader first and foremost. Then take a look at ATM Strategies as discussed in the video below. Also, the video also shares a recap of recent […]

Counter-intuitive behavior in CFD trading

Currency trading has been booming recently. Although the risks to reward ratios are lucrative, investors are inclined to undertake extra measures to increase their wealth. Frequently, this results in losses but people do not understand. Certain behaviors are deemed self-destructive by the experts. Traders engage without enough knowledge and by the time they realize the […]

Today, I Missed a Trade & Still Won

This video starts off showing multiple Long (buy) signals from our Trade Scalper. Soon after that, John Paul adds the Atlas Line software to see what types of signals will appear in real-time. Both the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper are running on a 1-Minute ES 09-20 chart. One the Atlas Line is applied, we […]

Understanding the basics of Forex risk management

The Forex market can offer financial freedom to everyone. But for that, you must learn to trade this market like pro traders in the United Kingdom. Starting to trade the market like a gambler and depending on human emotions is not going to work. To survive in this complex market, you must learn to analyze […]

Video: Trade Scalper Live Signals & Order Types

Click here to purchase access to the Trade Scalper course and software Here’s a look at recent and real-time Trade Scalper signals. Note that the full version of the Trade Scalper software that you receive as a customer draws a number of lines on your chart. These lines help guide your trading. What are you […]

Top 3 Ways to Learn Day Trading: Labor Day Edition

Want to learn how to day trade? There are three popular ways. Before we get into that, let’s reflect a little bit about day trading as a career – Labor Day is approaching, after all! Day trading is appealing because retail traders (people who trade from home) often have no collegiate training. It’s considered a […]

How to Become a Day Trader

“Carl, how do I become a day trader?” That is a question that many aspiring day traders have asked me during my 20-year trading career. As a professional trader at a renowned U.S. firm, I was regularly approached by people who were interested learning how to trade, but did not know where to start. If […]

Watch This Price Action Trading Webinar Recording

» Get the Atlas Line « John Paul shows his price action trading setup with the BarTimer and ATR. You can’t trade the markets the markets are slow compared to when they are fast. For example, he prefers larger stops when the market is fast to avoid getting stopped out prematurely. In many cases, overnight […]

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