Here is John Paul’s analysis of what may be in the works for the remainder of 2022. We’re halfway through the year, so it’s wise to take a look at where we’ve been and what could happen.

Let’s take a look at a monthly chart going two years back. A monthly chart shows big moves. Who takes trades this big over that much time? Swing traders. Do we have a trading method that works for swing trading? Yes, and it’s called the Blueprint. That’s why John Paul is showing you the Blueprint signals.


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Important notes from the video:

• 150 days for a 1125-point drop
• 450 days for a 1125-point rally
• Therefore, drop = fast; rally = slow, in comparison
• Markets tend to fall faster than they rise (important to keep in mind for swing trading).
• Prediction #1: now to December, into 2023, don’t expect a straight down move. Expect chop on the way down to a key price point of 2500 to 2600.
• Prediction #2: toward the end of 2023, expect a huge move up, “the best opportunity you have seen to buy the market in 10 years, at least.” How do you trade this expected move? Look for a 50% retracement.
• Typically, election years (i.e., 2024) are up years
• This forecast also matches what big money managers are saying.

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Remember, predictions are not guarantees. Analysis and historical insight is just that—many things could happen in the future.

Wishing you the best!

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