John Paul presents “Price Action Trading Methods to Use Daily” in this 37 minute webinar recorded on August 18, 2010. This is a must-watch as John clearly explains price action trading using slides and the day’s trades on NinjaTrader charts. Also, there are coupon codes for Atlas Line™ discounts – but you’ll have to watch the whole thing so you won’t miss them!

[flv: 550 309]

Download the full video here: [smartcounter:1]

The video covers the following:

Additionally, you can now take the first step to become a trader by attending a single Private Mentorship lesson. Visit for details on how to purchase a single lesson where you can learn one of DayTradeToWin’s 11 methods of price action trading.

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  1. Fantastic presentation on trading price action. I attended the Atlas Line trading live on Friday and was very impressed. the entire week was a winning trade. Thank you for showing and bringing this style of trading to the comment day trader. have you tried adding filters to your trades like keltner channles or pivot points on the emini or euro currencies. i found some of the technical indicators can help but not consistent. Atlas Line indicator has increased my scalp profits on the emini sp and would like to have more of these webinars to teach the small trader like me. cheers

  2. Hey Avenish I too attended the live Atlas Line trading webinar and have seen that it’s precise and consistent which is exactly what you need. If you’ve optimized or added filters to the Atlas Line let me know. I bought the Atlas Line and don’t see much room for improvement but always willing to tweak or improve my ratio. I trade mostly the ES.

  3. I bought the Atlas Line today and already looking good! I received notification about the how-to webinar this Wenesday for live day trading the emini and other markets… Looking good everyone, I’ll keep you updated.

  4. thank you victor, i also daytrade the emini and would also get the atlas line if it works good so let us know. thanks!

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