For new and existing Day Trade to Win clients, this video tutorial will show you exactly how to get up and running with our software for NinjaTrader right away.

Many of our day trading methods include software programs (indicators) for NinjaTrader. In order for these indicators to work with NinjaTrader, you need to follow the steps shown in this video. Once your computer’s license has been activated, you will be able to install and use our indicators on your charts.

These instructions are intended for new customers and existing customers who are using a new computer.

Here are the steps in the video:

1. Open up NinjaTrader > go to NinjaTrader’s Control Center > go to Help > 3rd party licensing
2. For Vendor name, type in “DayTradeToWin” without quotes with the exact capitalization shown
3. For User defined ID, type in your first name and last name without spaces, e.g. “JohnSmith” without quotes
4. Click Submit
5. Your Machine ID license will be generated below > select the entire license with your mouse OR right-click and Select All > Right click > Copy
6. Go to your email and compose a new message to
7. Use a subject like “NinjaTrader License”
8. In the body of the email, right-click > Paste (your NinjaTrader license should appear as copied from the previous step)
9. Send the email
10. Await our response to confirm your license has been activated

All of our courses and software are provided in the Mentorship Program. Click here to find out about the next class.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for email. I always enjoy watch video. One things I need to know this is for only option and currency trade tool. I do not trade such a item. Only trade stock like BAC, Baba, AA, FedEx. I watch most video which I like very much. But all of currency trade, I haven’t watch any stock trading video you. I just wondering it possible use your method with training security. Let me know. By the way I enjoy very much easy and comfortable John Paul personality.

    1. Hi Micheal,
      I’m glad you like the videos. the methods I teach are based on price action and can be traded on any market including stocks and Indices. I do not teach options trading.
      If you want to learn all the methods join the next Mentorship Class
      If you would like Ninja Trader let us know and we can arrange a free demo with live data. Feel free to email us with questions before you purchase to make sure this is the correct fit for you as a trader.
      John Paul

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