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Today, we’re taking a look at our Trade Scalper signals. Right away, you can see 4x winning signals, 1x losing signal, and 1x signal/opportunity in progress. This opportunity is worth two points, which is a good amount for scalping. With 1x contract, the 2-point profit target is worth $100 before any broker fees, etc. When trading with 5x contracts, the profit target was worth $500. That’s not bad for just one signal and less than 1.5 minutes! And this does not count the prior win/loss. In total, that’s 5 winners and 1 losing trade.


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Ready to see some highlights from our most recent webinar?

In the next video, John Paul shares more from the Trade Scalper, Roadmap, etc.

Within the first minute, you can see how the Roadmap’s Zone lines work with real-time plotting candles. There is a red “down” Zone that happens to be exactly where price reversed. These Zones are often points where the market reverses. When we see it push through, that can be a sign to place another trade.

You can use the position of Zone lines for placing profit targets. For example, the next up Zone was a barrier where you would want to get out of a position after having entered from price passing through the prior Zone.


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How do you get the Roadmap? Our 8-Week Mentorship Program. The next class begins Oct. 4. We’re expecting this class to fill up soon, so please email us at with any questions. All courses and software are included with Lifetime licenses. We look forward to helping you succeed!

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