Here’s a real-time trading example using our powerful and newly available (for standalone purchase) Roadmap software. The real-time trade begins later in the video around the 8:30 mark. It’s worth watching the whole thing, from start to finish.

A lot of traders truly don’t understand how support and resistance works. Support and resistance occurs for a number of reasons; sometimes it is related to prior highs and lows, but other times, manipulation is more likely the cause. As John Paul explains in this new video, the Roadmap brings clarity…


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For example, the Roadmap’s Zone lines identify potential reversal points. If the support or resistance does not exist around some price levels, the Roadmap will not plot a Zone line. In addition, a continuation entry opportunity is possible. Such a trade is demonstrated in the later portion of the video.

As you’ll see, price began going sideways once it reached Zone A. This was anticipated by the Roadmap well before it happened. A nice Roadmap Short signal occurred during this period, which should have been a good trade.

Yes, this will work with 1-Minute, 5-Minute, and Heiken-Ashi chart types. We do not often use the latter, but we wanted to answer a client’s question.

Continuing forward, you’ll see a grate Long signal as well. Notice how price kept breaking through the subsequent Zones! That’s what we mean by a continuation.

In the included training, you’ll learn how all this works. Questions? Feel free to email us at Want to get everything with Lifetime Licenses in one complete package? Check out Accelerated Mentorship.

Good trading!

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