We don’t like seeing traders repeating the same mistakes, especially when they’re easy to correct. The above clip is from our hour-long “NinjaTrader 8 How-To” video. This crucial portion tells you why it’s important to maintain an accurate computer clock. Also, it covers steps on how to maintain accuracy with official time servers going forward.

Windows 10 has the built-in ability to maintain an accurate clock. Unfortunately, from our experience assisting thousands of clients via remote support and through email, the Windows OS seems to regularly fail to maintain accuracy within seconds or minutes. Indeed, despite automatic synchronization settings, the Windows 10 clock drifts over time. Verify for yourself how off your computer clock is by visiting https://time.is.

Such inaccuracies may have a direct impact on your trading. Did you know that the Bar Timer indicator, for example, can have countdown issues if your Windows time is off? Yes! Just imagine how your other trading indicators may suffer. You probably don’t know how each of your indicators is coded, so it’s time to fix your Windows time. It’s best to get in the habit of periodically synchronizing your clock every couple of weeks. The video shows you how to add a special shortcut to your Windows desktop. After a few clicks, you’ll be accurate again for another two weeks or more.

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