Here’s a trading video showing today’s Atlas Line short trade. Prepare to be held in suspense – the outcome is shown at the end of the video. In between, John describes three consecutive days trading the E-Mini S&P using the Atlas Line software. You’ll also hear John identify Strength and Pullback trades. These unique setups are taught in the included live training along with stop strategies. Remember, the Atlas Line will plot on your charts just as you see it here, so there’s no second guessing your entry price. If you make it through to the video’s end, you’ll see a candle tag the profit target, eventually hitting for +1.75 points.

3 Responses

  1. JP,
    I trade the morning session only & have been having up days this week (2-2.5 points a day)
    When reviewing my trades I see that the majority have been from referencing the Atlas Line.
    I’m new to live trading (first month) but have had 6 months or so with the Atlas Line in SIM & feel it is a very helpful Touchstone to assessing the current market condition.

    Thanks for all your mentoring & for posting these vlogs.

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