Combining Trading Strategies to Help Clear the Chaos

Trading Strategies to Beat the Chaos When Volatility Knocks What happens when three unique trading strategies are in agreement? You listen. Combining Three Trading Strategies Looking at a typical chart with moving averages, MACD, and the typical indicators traders use, DayTradeToWin takes a different approach using price action proprietary software that does not use any […]

Expect a Bear Market in 2023, Traders Predict Recession

Is a Bear Market in 2023 coming? From the analytics, we may see the market drop and consider it a recession/bear market. This video explains why and what to look for in January. Digging deeper, inflation and interest rates are at the core of the problem. Looking at history is one measure of analysis. In […]

Autopilot System 20-min Chart

The Autopilot Trading system can be used on tick charts and minute charts. This example shows the system using a 20-minute time frame.

Do This to Avoid A Trading Loss | How to Manage Trades

Hello, traders. Before we begin, remember that Trading is risky. Any Trading that you’re doing is Risky Business. There are risks involved with any Trading you’re doing options, stocks, Forex. Talk to your broker to understand.  This video is a little different. The chart on the left is the trade scalper chart on the right […]

Here’s How I Scalped the E-mini Today Using the Trade Scalper…

Now is a great time to become a YouTube subscriber because I will soon be doing live broadcasts there. Subscribers can receive notifications of when I go live. In this video, you’ll see a trade based on a Trade Scalper short signal. The Trade Scalper software clearly announced it was time to sell the market. […]

2x Systems Agree: Sell Signal After Sell Signal

Here we are, a new trading month, June 1, so let’s take a moment to understand how the markets are moving. We’re looking at equity futures markets, but remember, the E-mini S&P 500 is a reflection of the big S&P 500, which is a rather constant measure of 500 large companies listed on U.S. stock […]

1 Super Simple Price Action Method You Can Learn Today

How would you trade a day like today where price plotted in a V shape? Price trended down then reversed bullishly. If you’re like most traders, this price action won’t make sense. You have to apply a methodology then it becomes clear. You’ll see exactly what’s happening. And that’s exactly what John Paul will teach […]

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