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AutoPilot-Algo Trading System Upgrades

Autopilot V2 was just released, and we took the input of our traders to improve upon the original system. Daytradetowin’s AutoPilot is more than a strategy. It’s an evolving trading system that forges its way into price action automation without relying on indicators.

A trading system without the use of indicators is interesting and unique. The focus is on market movement and trade management. The Autopilot enters a long or short trade based on a bracket movement that walks forward in time.

System Parameters / Properties

The recent updates include fixes for fast-moving markets that are experienced during high volatility. The list of features now includes:

Markets Traded

There are also a few other options available to adjust specific calculations for use with tick charts and minute charts. In addition, traders are using the AutoPilot on a variety of markets, including:

If you would like to learn more about the AutoPilot Trading System, visit the product page directly for discounts, videos, and full disclosure information –

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