Trading Strategies to Beat the Chaos When Volatility Knocks

What happens when three unique trading strategies are in agreement? You listen.


Combining Three Trading Strategies

Looking at a typical chart with moving averages, MACD, and the typical indicators traders use, DayTradeToWin takes a different approach using price action proprietary software that does not use any input from conventional, rehashed indicators.

Price action traders prefer to use simple-to-understand strategies on their favorite markets. The E-mini S&P 500 is one of those markets with liquidity and volatility that makes it worth trading. Other markets like the DAX are harder to trade.

Trading Methods

The latest video focuses on three methods combined to help identify and filter out opportunities.

  1. Atlas Line
  2. Trade Scalper
  3. Roadmap offers traders various types of software intended to be used on their own or combined for stronger outcomes.

The above video demonstrates how the Pullback trades fired off a signal, followed by the Trade Scalper double wick signal, and finally, the Roadmap filter confirmed that it would be no issue to take the trade long.

Atlas Line

Using 2-3 methods for confirmation is always better than just one on its own. Most traders have already do this, but the key is to use unaffiliated indicators/strategies as opposed to 5 variations of moving averages that are based on the same algorithm.

Price Action Trading

The Accelerated Mentorhsip program is an All-Inclusive Program that includes over ten distinct trading strategies that can be utilized in conjunction with helping traders make better-informed decisions. The included software also comes with a lifetime license, which is a benefit.

Utilizing just the Atlas Line, TradeScalper and Roadmap was just enough to create the edge needed to go on the market at 4075.25 on the E-Mini SP March contract. The follow-up Trade Scalper Signal was a nice touch.

Trade Scalper Course Program

Trading Risk Management

Always remember to use stops and understand the risks when entering into any trade. Day Trade To Win recommends a combination of stops, including time, pivot, catastrophic, and the prove it stop. These methods and more are taught during the live classes and in the training course manuals.

The Roadmap is unique because it provides traders with signals for counter-trend trading and continuation-based moves thru the zones. Here is an outline…


Today was one of those days. Painful for some, glorious for others. The FOMC news pulled the rug from under most traders this afternoon, but the smart traders had avoided the chaos completely.

But which trades are best, when do they occur, and what software to use?

That’s not easy to answer, but we already know that combining strategies work better than going at it alone. We’re not talking about 27 lines on your chart, either.

If the stars align, so will the move. Take high-quality signals and avoid the riff-raff.

There is no substitute for quality when trading.

  1. Is the direction Long or Short?
  2. Are there any conflicting signals?
  3. Are there any confirming setups?
  4. What is the RISK?

The latest video answers those questions and more. Combining the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, and Roadmap was all it took to clear the path Long 4075.25 to grab a nice little move up.

Make no mistake, the trade could have been wrong, but using three proprietary strategies gave confidence to the outcome.

This real-life example was only possible if you had these tools. Don’t trade by the seat of your pants. Wings are for birds.

We have rules. We know the direction, risk, and entries before entering into the trade. Stop guessing and start learning.
Learn how to accurately diagnose every trade with entries, targets, and stops.  

Looking to learn more? Check out software and training to see if our style of trading is right for you.

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