Webinar Video: Scalp Crude Oil Using Price Action

Missed today’s live webinar? Watch the recording above to see what happened. Right away, you can see our Trade Scalper running on two markets in one chart: the ES (E-mini S&P 500) and CL (Crude Oil). Everyone who attended saw the trading signals plot in real-time.

At about 1:50, John Paul explains the importance of having common sense stop loss values. Too high and the risk exposure is too great. Too low and regular price fluctuations will exit a position prematurely. Because the Trade Scalper is a scalping method, the danger is choppy and/or rapid market conditions considering smaller profit target (3 to 4 ticks) and stop loss values are used. As an option, consider using a trailing stop. Learn how to use trailing stops beginning at 4:30.

Other topics covered:
• 14:30: Cyclic daily price activity
• 19:30: MIT (market if touched) orders vs. limit orders
• 25:30: Using our Atlas Line software as a predictive tool (Long signal)
• 30:00: More Trade Scalper signals with potential wins/losses/expectations discussed
• 32:30: Knowing your profit limits and the dangers of overtrading; profit and loss management, psychology

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