Webinar – Real-time Atlas Line Trade, Trade Scalper, and ATO

What about the January Effect for 2017? Switch over to a daily chart and you’ll see January 2017 closed slightly higher than it opened. Therefore, the strategy says price will likely close higher in December 2017 and move up throughout the year. That means you can look for additional trades, based on retracements. We’re talking retracements of four or more daily candles. The opportunity is to go long when the market begins to turn around and go higher. The Fibonacci tool can help, but not in the way you’d expect. This drawing tool can show you when the market retraces back 50%. That’s your entry point. You can use this strategy for other markets, not just the E-mini S&P.

At about 18:27, you can take a look at the Trade Scalper signals. Note that the full version plots lines and regions to further guide your trading. The signals that you see here are the entries, long and short. If the ATR is below two ticks, the market is not worth trading with this method. The Trade Scalper uses a 1-min chart. At 19:00, John Paul walks through the settings for the Atlas Line. Because this webinar was conducted at market open, you get to see the first Atlas Line signal of the day. For the current market conditions, the Catastrophic Stop is about 12 ticks. Based on the Atlas Line’s long signal, John Paul takes a real-time trade at around 21:00. The lower half of the SuperDOM allows you to define an ATM Strategy, which is simply a predefined profit target and stop loss value. It saves traders the trouble of having to manually specify these values for every trade. Remember the ATO (At the Open) strategy? Jump to 25:00 to see the ATO signal for this morning. The ATO is an opening range breakout strategy. It, too, generated a long signal. Stick around and see what happens to the Atlas Line trade that was placed earlier. Always stick to the rules!

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As a trader, do not expect overnight success. It’s important to take your time, as questions, talk with your broker, and understand the risks, rewards, and learn as much as possible.

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