Webinar: Decoding Price Action Cycles in 2017

Many traders were in attendance to learn how to decipher price action trends in 2017. There’s a lot for you to learn in this half-hour webinar. Here’s what John Paul covered:

• Why we prefer to use 5-min charts
• How to use a daily chart for a larger outlook of 2017
• What the January Effect is and how to identify it
• How to find January Effect trades and filter them
• Using the ATR (Average True Range) to assess current conditions
• How the Fibonacci retracement tool can be used to find trades
• Predictions for the coming days and months
• How to identify trending days and cycles
• How to handle summer trading conditions

Remember, even with solid historical evidence, no prediction or signal can truly indicate what will occur. Trading always has a significant financial risk. Be sure to check with a licensed broker and finance expert before considering a trading career or hobby.

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