Power Price Action Course – 10% Off for Limited Time

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Power Price Action is a complete day trading course on four DVDs that contain multiple, highly accurate price action strategies for effectively trading futures, currencies, forex and beyond. The package includes over 13 hours of footage, a 45+ page color workbook and bonus Floor Traders Secrets manual. The exclusive Blueprint Trade, Stair Step Setup, Yo-Yo Setup, chart configuration, and ABC pattern are taught. The only other places you can find these techniques is in the full Mentorship Program (a separate eight week trading program that includes/covers all of our courses and software).

In the chart above, you can see how the chart is absent of all indicators. Using an understanding of price patterns, the ES (E-Mini) ‘proved’ its desire to go long. Since the Power Price Action’s Blueprint Trade uses exact entry and exit rules, we knew to enter at 1251.00 with a profit target at 1252.25. Where some traders may have panicked with the red candle, we had confidence that the market’s direction would change course to our favor, resulting in profit. Multiple setups for the Blueprint Trade occur intraday on the E-Mini and other ‘moving’ currencies. Stay tuned for our next webinar where John Paul will demonstrate such trades live.

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