Victory Trading Day – Scalping Method for Futures Trading

Let’s look at a real-time Trade Scalper signal. The conditions have been super volatile, so make sure you’re using stop losses. I knew the entry price and profit target price that I wanted. How? The Trade Scalper signal gave me the entry price to go for and the ATR (Average True Range) using a period value of 4 is how I decide my profit target and stop loss.

I like doing these videos often because it lets my Trade Scalper and Accelerated Mentorship students see the opportunities that they should have seen on their own charts. This helps us confirm we are both seeing the same thing. There’s no optimization. The signals will appear the same as long as the data comes in the same.

Sometimes, the best trades are those that are over and done with quickly. This is exactly how my Trade Scalper works – get it here – the idea is quick, in-and-out trading.

If you’re not using them yet, you’ll probably want to configure a few ATM Strategies. An ATM Strategy is a preconfigured profit target and stop loss. That way, when you see a signal, you can place an order really quickly by selecting the most applicable ATM Strategy for the current conditions. I like to configure a good amount of them based on the conditions I encounter most often. If you’re trading more volatile conditions, maybe you want to go in there and configure larger ATM Strategies or consider using a different chart type altogether.

Even if you use an ATM Strategy, you can still adjust the position of your profit target and stop loss. I did just that in this video. Because I felt I could go for a bigger win, I increased my profit target.

Scheduled news events can increase volatility even further. If you want to see some of the planned news events, download my free news indicator today.

You can get all of these methods and much more by joining Accelerated Mentorship. It’s the most cost-effective to get all the software, courses, and training in one complete package.


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