Trading with a Direction in Mind

On April 4, 2012, John took a Short E-Mini (ES) trade as advised by the Atlas Line software. The entry signal (Dbl Bar Short) was produced automatically when price was at 1398. The ATR (Average True Range) was at a value of 1.8. The ATR (available in most trading platforms) provided us with a value to base our profit target on. Our profit target was then moved to a value with a greater chance of being hit. As anticipated, price eventually passed through the profit target, resulting in a winning trade of $1050 at 14 contracts.

Since the Atlas Line provides direction, it is an excellent addition to a trader’s repertoire, as a filter for scalping or any other system. Live training is included with purchase, so you will learn how to adjust profit targets, manage stops, how to configure the software, pick the best market to trade, and capitalize on the Strength and Pullback trades. Also, the Private Mentorship Program includes the Atlas Line and of course, the same live training. A new session of Group Private Mentorship begins May 2, 2012.

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