Trading System Signal Review: ATO 2, Atlas Line, Trade Scalper

Want to see what our signals did today? Check this out…

By the way, this is similar to a post we did last Friday or so. Here’s a review of today’s signals. This time, we’re sharing all three (3) of our standalone systems: ATO 2, Atlas Line®, and Trade Scalper. The following shows all three signal systems in that order…

Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, ATO 2 Review,


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The late-day ATO 2 trade was a surprise. We also saw a great late-day Atlas Line® Strength Signals (the small S text on the chart).

Speaking of that time period with the big down move, we though it best to share with you the related Trade Scalper signals on a 1-Minute chart and see if there were any signals during that big downward move. Indeed, there was! And those short scalping signals were plentiful. See them at the end of the clip above. Playback loops in most browsers, so watch it a few times.

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