How to Get 2 Charts in 1 NinjaTrader Window

Want to know how to trade 1-minute candles and 5-minute candles at the same time in the same charting window? 

In this new video, John Paul will teach you how to set up multiple time frames in a single chart for scalp trading.

>> Get the Trade Scalper signals on your charts <<

How is this going to help your trading?

  • Multiple time frames or chart types allow you to see opportunities you’d normally miss.
  • A potentially huge benefit of confirming every signal or anticipated market direction. 
  • More control over the situation: go with a longer scalp trade (using the 5-Minute candles) or go a shorter scalp trade (using the 1-Minute candles).
  • This configuration is especially useful if you’re trading with just one screen, i.e. a typical laptop setup.

By the way, that squiggly yellow line is the ATR. One ATR for the 1-minute chart, the other for the 5-minute. This way, he can determine the profit target and stop loss depending on which time frame he decides to use for the trade.

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