Trading Price Action During FOMC News Events

Here’s a look at a day when a Fed meeting took place, resulting in a large spike of activity. How did you trade it? We like when the ATR (Average True Range) is between 2 and 5 points. In contrast, that Fed-led activity increased the ATR to about 15 points. Obviously, you should be staying out of the market during such volatility.

This free news indicator will tell you, in advance, about these scheduled news events so you can exit any positions or avoid trading until volatility subsides.

You’ll also see many signals for the Trade Scalper software on the 1-Minute time frame. The Atlas Line was also correct about the news event in the sense that short trades were advised. Earlier in the day, the Atlas Line was correct in predicting price’s upward move. The Atlas Line and Trade Scalper can be used separately or together. Using them together is what our Accelerated Mentorship students do.

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