Roadmap Software – Why You Need It

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This is the Roadmap. It’s one of the powerful methods we teach in our eight-week Mentorship Program. Visually, you can see the horizontal red and green “Zone” lines along with entry signals, e.g. RMap Short and RMap Long. In Mentorship this method takes priority over most others, including the Atlas Line. We like to use the Roadmap first to determine if there are any trades and if conditions are worth trading. It’s a first line of defense against risky conditions, determining anticipated market direction, finding opportunities (via its own signals), as well as filtering other methods/signals.

Some of the things the Roadmap can tell you:

  • Is a reversal expected to occur?
  • How much longer is the trend expected to continue?
  • Are there any valid Roadmap Long or Short trades? (You’ll be able to spot both trend and continuation setups)
  • Whether you should be sticking with Long or Short trades
  • Whether you should feel confident with your other trading methods, such as the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper

The idea is this: for a given point in time, an equal amount of buyers and sellers must exist for buying and selling to occur. Trading is a zero-sum “game” – it all has to balance out. There’s no middle-person. There’s one buyer for one seller and vice versa. When an imbalance is to occur, there’s what we call a “stoppage” point where price changes direction. Trades occur as price moves from Roadmap Zone to Roadmap Zone. Watch the video for further explanation.

The Roadmap works with the E-mini S&P 500 (ES) primarily, although it can be adapted to other markets.

For now, the only way to get this powerful software is to join our eight-week Mentorship Program that begins Aug. 24. Click here to enroll and begin to change the way you trade forever.

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