Trading Manipulation: Phantom Orders Revisited

In this video, we discuss order manipulation that exists in the market. The type of manipulation we’re referring to can be observed in the SuperDOM, and applies to both the Dynamic or Static variations. To make a long story short: don’t trust what you see in the SuperDOM in terms of buy and sell orders.

In case you are unfamiliar with the SuperDOM, it’s essentially the price ladder in other platforms…

See all those numbers fluctuating in the SuperDOM’s buy and sell columns? Are those actual trades awaiting fulfillment? Yes and no. It is true that human buyers and sellers do exist. However, high frequency trading algorithms manipulate the values you see by introducing “phantom orders.”

As demonstrated in the video, it is easy to constantly change the order price. John Paul drags the order (in green) up and down the SuperDOM. Furthermore, trading algorithms and real traders are doing this en masse, including order cancellation. A common phantom tactic is to place an order using many contracts, wait until price approaches the order value, then take action (order movement, cancelation, etc.). Therefore, you can’t really trust the orders on the SuperDOM. They’re manipulations to lure you in, provide false values to trick other systems and traders, etc.

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