Trading Challenge Webinar Recording – Parts 1 & 2

Okay, traders, you can finally relax – the video has finally been posted from this morning’s webinar. Yes, we had many traders come and attend to see the highly anticipated Atlas Line, ATO 2, and Trade Scalper perform under live conditions. John Paul demonstrated exactly how the signals worked and providing a lot of free education. Thanks to everyone for all the great questions. It’s always easier doing these webinars when we have such interested attendees and great feedback.

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Part 1:
00:00-13:30: How to use the ABC trading method – finding entry opportunities
13:31-14:50: Real Atlas Line signals from recent days
14:51-16:56: Start of today’s live signal review (Trade Scalper, ATO 2, Atlas Line, & Roadmap)
16:57-17:56: ATO 2 & Roadmap signals on the same chart
17:57-20:14: Atlas Line real-time signal *winner* with alert sound (long at 2627) and ATM Strategy

Part 2:
00:00-02:34: Atlas Line real-time signal #2 with ATM Strategy
02:35-06:39: Minimizing risk with trade management & additional signals
06:40-07:28: Trade Scalper indicator settings & signals
07:29-11:28: Attendee questions: bar timer and Atlas Line trades
11:29-13:26: Trade Scalper & Atlas Line at the same time (1-min chart)
13:27-19:08: Recent ATO 2 and Atlas Line signals + news events
19:09-22:39: Trade Scalper real-time signal *winner*
22:40-27:09: Identifying healthy market conditions

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