Trade Scalper & Blueprint Signals: Slow & Steady

Watch our latest video to see seven Trade Scalper signals: five short and two long. These signals appeared on a 1-Minute E-mini S&P 500 chart. If you are running the Trade Scalper software, you will see the same exact signals on your chart for today.

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At 2:50, you’ll see a real-time Blueprint trade. For many, this is the most exciting part of the video. The Blueprint can be purchased as a standalone system. It’s also available in the Accelerated Mentorship Program. This signal is worth a profit target of 4 points. For the E-mini S&P, that’s equivalent to $200 when trading with one contract. Keep in mind, that figure is before any exchange, broker, or other fees.

How did John Paul arrive at 4 points for the profit target? By using the ATR (Average True Range). An ATR using a period value of 4 is always used to assess risk and dictate the profit target and stop loss values. The video is fast-forwarded to show you what happens. A candle extends through the 4 point target to produce a winning trade.

Many traders have been asking about the NQ (Nasdaq) lately. Switching to that chart as shown earlier in the video, you’ll see many great signals as well. Three long signals and one short signal occurred today.

What about the CL (crude oil) considering the high gas prices? At the 1:30 mark, you’ll see an overview of those signals.

Starting around 1:50, John Paul explains how to use the Trade Scalper to trade a short signal. More detail is provided in the Member-only training.

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