Today’s Winning Signals From the Live Webinar

Want to see the live signals and trades from today’s live webinar? Jump ahead in the video by 20 minutes and take a look. See all of our courses here or enroll in the eight-week Mentorship Program that begins tomorrow, Nov. 1.

Other important topics discussed:
2:30 – Navigating the website
3:30 – Assessing current market conditions (1-min chart, 5-min chart)
6:00 – How to use the free news indicator
9:00 – Optimization and pitfalls of common strategies
12:00 – Smart stops for risk vs. reward
20:00 – Live winning signal for Trade Scalper (front-running)
21:20 – Live winning signal for the ATO 2 strategy
24:30 – Understanding trading commissions
26:19 – Live winning signal for Atlas Line strategy
29:00 – Working with choppy market conditions and trends
33:00 – Markets day in and day out
36:18 – ATO 2 Trade Chaser signal
36:44 – About the X-5 method
38:00 – Additional Trade Scalper trades
40:00 – Next Mentorship class begins Nov. 1, sign up today and get ATO 2

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