+5 Points Today: See How It’s Done Using the Roadmap

Ready to see two videos of our Roadmap software performing today?

In the first video, you’ll see John Paul place a short trade based on a Roadmap short signal. Was it a winner? Yes! His trade hit the profit target in the next candle. This was a quick +2.5 points using 5 contracts.

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Why did he enter short? Remember, the Roadmap is based on secret manipulation patterns. Those Zone lines are anticipated manipulation boundaries. Sure enough, price “bounced” off the Roadmap’s Zone line. The Short signal also indicated that a manipulation pattern was occurring.

Next, watch what happened for the second Roadmap signal for the day. We see a similar situation with price bouncing off the Roadmap and another +2.5 points. Yes, that’s +5 points and what we like to see for the Roadmap.

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You may notice the earlier winning Roadmap continuation opportunity that basically confirmed the Long Trade Scalper signal at 4129. See how well these two methods work together?

That’s why we recommend the Accelerated Mentorship Program to people like you who want to get all courses and software with Lifetime Licenses. It’s the best way to get everything in one package and learn how it all fits together.

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