Recovering After a Trading Loss: Real-world Example

Here, we have a total of four trades thus far: one loser and three winners. This video can give you a sense of real-time Trading using the Trade Scalper. We also share the Roadmap for a bit. Let’s see what happened with each consecutive trade…

Trade #1 (winner): a Long Trade Scalper signal at 3426. The profit target was one point. We prefer to reduce the amount of time in a trade as much as possible, so we impose a time-based stop (exit/close), should our profit or regular stop not get hit. Note that the clip ends early, but this does, in fact, result in a winning trade.

Trade #2 (loser): a Short Trade Scalper signal at 3425. He uses a pivot-based stop. Price continues in the opposite direction we want. This stop is hit at negative two points. When facing situations like this, it’s important to remind yourself to look at the big picture, as losing trades can and will occur. It’s part of trading!

Trade #3 (winner): a Long Trade Scalper signal at 3425.25. The goal of this trade is to get back to breakeven. Rapidly, the profit target or one point is hit.

Trade #4 (winner): a Long Trade Scalper signal at 3429.25. This was another one point winner.

After purchasing the Trade Scalper, you’ll get all the training material you need to fully understand how it works. We fully explain the trading methods using plain English, so you don’t need to be a trading expert to understand. We have many clients from all walks of life who simply want to be independent and have a chance to succeed in the markets, and in life!

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