Quick 1-Minute $300 Scalping Trade Winner

This quick scalping trade was over in 1-minute. Using eight contracts, this calping trade was worth $300. Did you make $300 in one minute today? We hope you did and even more than that!

If not, here’s an explanation. This video is a 2-min. follow-up to the video we posted earlier today. Here, you’ll see John Paul place a Trade Scalper trade based on the Long/buy signal at 4063.50. He’s using eight contracts. The profit target is three ticks. With eight contracts, the goal is a quick $300 (before any commissions, fees, etc.). The math works out like so: $12.50 per tick * 3 ticks * 8 contracts = $300. How long was the trade active? About one minute. Yes, that quick!

Get the Trade Scalper Signals & Use Them Today

Why just three ticks? The ATR (Average True Range) says that’s what the market can reasonably produce. The ATR helps to keep us from being too greedy and too conservative. You can trail a stop after getting your first target. That’s a way to potentially “lock in” some profit.

Scalping Trade Order Placement

For a scalping trade or other methods, we prefer using a Dynamic SuperDOM. That’s what John Paul used to place the order. Yes, you can use Chart Trader or place a trade by right-clicking the chart. NinjaTrader provides multiple ways to place a trade.

Now, not everyone has eight contracts or more to place a scalping trade. The goal is to grow your account based on consistent success. Even if you have a ton of money, we recommend starting off slow, practice with real-time simulation, considering the Micro, and move on to the regular E-mini with a small number of contracts. Of course, due to industry regulations, we can’t guarantee you’re going to make money. Read the disclaimers and take time to practice 🙂

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