Combining 3x Methods: Blueprint, Atlas Line, & Trade Scalper

Today’s first video is a review of six recent Blueprint signals. Three of the signals occurred premarket. Volatility is what determines whether premarket activity is worth trading.

At around 1:00 in the video, a real-time Blueprint signal appears. John Paul placed an order and was able to get nicely at a better price. The profit target is about two points. The stop loss is greater to allow for common price fluctuations. If the market went sideways, when would you close out the trade? The Blueprint’s included training teaches you the maximum time limit. If another signal appears when you’re already in a trade, there is no need to add additional orders. If the subsequent signal is in the same direction, you could simply “extend” your trade according to the new signal.

The Blueprint can be purchased standalone or as a package via the all-inclusive 8-Week Mentorship Program.

You just saw the Blueprint by itself, but what happens when you combine it with the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line? Many moves are confirmed, some are filtered out, and more opportunities are seen. That’s what you’ll see in this second video.

The first thing you’ll see is the Atlas Line running solo. Look at that huge trend up after the early Atlas Line Long signal. Yes, the Atlas Line is great at potentially identifying the overall trend for the day along with specific entry opportunities along the way. There are conventional Long and Short signals as long as Pullback Long and Short and Strength Long and Short signals. The colored P and S text on the chart indicate these opportunities.

Likewise, the Trade Scalper “agreed” wit the Atlas Line, providing many Long opportunities during the big move up. We like to see systems “confirming” one another. We would have filtered out the Trade Scalper Short signal because price was above the Atlas Line.

Lastly, John Paul applies the Blueprint, so you can see how the three systems harmonize. It’s much better to trade with things aligning then jumping in where signals conflict regarding predicted price direction.

Again, the most cost-effective way to get all three systems and much more is by enrolling in the 8-Week Mentorship Program. The next class begins Dec. 27. We expect 2022 to be an even bigger year for trading, as more and more people are realizing the freedom potentials in trading futures and other markets.

As a reminder, there will be market closures around the holidays.

Here’s the CME Group Globex schedule:

  • Dec. 24, Friday, Christmas Eve: CLOSED
  • Dec. 25, Saturday, Christmas Day: CLOSED
  • Dec. 26, Sunday, regular day and market open time
  • Dec. 31, Friday, New Year’s Eve: OPEN
  • Jan. 1, Saturday, New Year’s Day: CLOSED
  • Jan. 2, Sunday, regular day and market open time

See the official calendar here.

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