Scalping Risk Management for Day Traders

The Trade Scalper has been doing well on a day-to-day basis. Based on the emails we’ve received, our clients have been happy. Watch this video to see a real-time trade in combination with a review of many recent Trade Scalper signals. Get the Trade Scalper for your own charts or review our other offerings, including our eight-week Mentorship Coaching Program!

Right away, you can see the Trade Scalper software running on the NinjaTrader platform. We often use it with a 2-Range chart, as seen here. There was s a Long signal earlier around 9:35 a.m. US/Eastern. Be careful with signals that occur soon after the market opens, as there are many factors out of your control within the first 10 or so minutes. Scalping with small stops during this volatile period may well cause a premature exit.

With this method, you will see many signals per day. You don’t have to trade them all. For example, we prefer the trades that happen earlier than after market hours.

In real-time, watch the second signal and the resulting trade that occurred around 9:46 a.m. US/Eastern. He’s in the trade for over 10 minutes, as explained at about 3:12. This is longer than usual, though 20 or so minutes is typically the max. Fortunately, at about 3:39, the profit target was hit.

If you’re interested in checking out the ATO 2 and Atlas Line, jump to 3:55 in the video. Signals are shared.

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