Scalping for 3 Ticks in the E-mini S&P 500 using Trade Scalper Software

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The Trade Scalper method uses a one-minute chart with a goal of making 2-4 ticks on each trade. Trade Scalper setups occur multiple times each day across a variety of markets. This is essentially what scalping is – going for small profits all day long. The setups are completely based on price action. Although an indicator is included for Trade Scalper entries, you can certainly trade without it just by recognizing the candle pattern “setups” and following the rules that you’re taught.

In this video, John Paul goes for a 3 tick profit on the E-mini S&P 500. John Paul recognized a trade at about 1:35 p.m. on May 22, 2013. His entry was at 1669.25, again going for 3 ticks. Since he’s going short, he’s looking to make money when price drops 3 ticks. Three ticks from his short entry is 1668.50 (the profit target). It takes a few minutes, but price eventually “tags,” then passes through the profit target, for a 3-tick profit. How much money is 3-ticks? For each E-mini contract, each tick is worth $12.50 USD. So with one contract, the 3-tick profit for this quick trade is $37.50. With two contracts, you would double this amount. You also have to consider the cost of broker fees, which vary. Remember, the goal is to trade a reasonable amount of contracts once you’re comfortable with the method and trade multiple times a day with the Trade Scalper.

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Here’s a more recent video showing a Trade Scalper trade on May 23, 2013:


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