Save up to $300 on NinjaTrader for a Limited Time

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a NinjaTrader license, now is probably the best time to do so. Very seldom do we see NinjaTrader providing discounts for licenses. In case you did not receive their recent promotional email, here’s their offer:

*These discounts end Friday, December 19.

Why do you need to purchase a NinjaTrader license? You’re right – NinjaTrader is free to use for paper trading. However, as soon as you want to trade with real money, you have to purchase/lease a live license from NinjaTrader to “unlock” NinjaTrader’s ability to trade with real money. Note that to trade with real money, you will still need a funded account with a broker and have that connection set up in NinjaTrader. Purchasing a NinjaTrader license gets you halfway to truly engaging with the markets.

If you have any questions regarding these discounts or how credits from your existing lease may be applied to a new purchase, please send an email to

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