Using 2x Systems to Validate and Confirm Trade Entries – A Winning Strategy

Here’s an example of how the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper work together. Why use just one method when adding another can filter and confirm signals? This is one way I maximize performance on a daily basis…

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Right away, you can see how price is above the Atlas Line, so that means any long (buy) signals from the Trade Scalper have already been validated/approved. And it just so happens, those signals confirmed by both systems are winners.

At around 1:40 in the new video, you’ll see me place a real-time market order based on an Atlas Line Pullback and Strength signals. This move was worth +2.75 points. The +2.75 points is worth +$137.50 * the number of contracts traded before any broker, etc. fees.

In the way I teach trading, the profit target and stop loss are always based on real-time market conditions. This means you are trading adaptably as compared to other systems out there that used rigid rules. Following these rules is especially important these days where great volatility occurs regularly.

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