3 Steps for Traders – Think direction + signals + RISK = Winners

Why sell the market?

As traders, we can buy (long) or sell (short) the markets to achieve a profit objective, but only if we are right in the direction. Typically, markets fall faster than they rise. This is important to note when the volatility is strong, and the market is in free fall. Traders need to be right or be out fast.

Combining different strategies for the best prediction

One method should be enough. Two methods confirming, now that’s even better. Three methods, all pointing up or down, makes for a winner-winner chicken dinner. More than three methods and we have too much on our plate, so keeping it simple and clear is best.

In this video, we used only two methods to confirm the sell-off. The signals used were a combination of the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper

3 rules for traders before jumping in


The direction, long or short, needs to be known in advance. Why go long or short? Have a reason. The reason could be a signal on the Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, Roadmap or combination to determine direction.


Are the signals aligned, or are they conflicting? Is there a news event during the trade? How is the volatility? What is the profit target? What is the exact price to enter long or short? Wow, that’s a lot to think about, but for traders who have experience using the right software, this should not be confusing. More importantly, take a step back and look for any signals that are aligned and that’s the opportunity you want to take.


Don’t forget about Risk. Every trade should be analyzed based on the amount of risk associated with taking the position. Sometimes the risk is not worth it. Sometimes the risk is small and well worth taking the trade. And you may even wait until the risk has gone down by implementing certain pullback strategies as taught in the Mentorship Classes

Regardless, risk needs to be understood, and good traders know how to analyze each trade before and during the trade.

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