Profit Target Reached Within 3 Min. of Roadmap Signal

Let’s take a look at a 2-Range chart to see if there are any Roadmap and Trade Scalper signals. Right away, we can see a down red arrow, which is a signal from the Roadmap to go short. The signal text appears above the arrow. John Paul uses an MIT order with a goal of making money with a Short (sell) trade using six contracts. He’s filled within a tick of the desired entry price, which is acceptable. No scalping signals have occurred yet, but watch what happens…

Recall how the E-mini S&P 500 market is structured. Each point is worth $50 USD. If the goal (or profit target) is two points, the profit is $100 before any trading costs (i.e. broker fees). If you trade two contracts, then multiple the profit or loss by two. In this case, a two point trade is worth $200 before any trading costs. In this case, John Paul is using six contracts, so with a two point profit target, the math comes out to a goal of $600 before any trading fees apply.

Back to the trade at hand. A Trade Scalper signal fires off while he’s in the Roadmap trade. The scalping signal is for the same direction, short. It looks like that trade would have been good, too.

Did you take similar trades around this time? The Roadmap trade produced a $600 winner in three minutes (again, before any trading fees, such as round-turn broker costs, which may have been around $30 as a rough estimate – it depends on your broker and funding setup).

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Remember, trading is risky so be sure to read all disclaimers.

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