Price Action Webinar: Many Live Signals Discussed

Webinar Part 1 of 3

Here we start off a webinar recorded February 25, 2020. Many traders were invited and attended. First, you’ll see the Trade Scalper signals applied to multiple charts, including the CL (Crude). The Trade Scalper basically plots Long (Buy) and Short (Sell) signals according to its built-in calculations. Though we teach how it works, you could follow the signals and manage orders based on the rules we teach. See all of our courses and software here.

We saw volatile price activity yesterday. According to many media sources, this activity was due to coronavirus. Many experts are predicting a worldwide crisis in the coming weeks and months due to the virus’s impacts on China, arguably Earth’s major manufacturing hub. Therefore, we may see more volatility as the markets react to infections occurring in other countries. At this time, many are watching Iran, South Korea, and Italy with great concern. If the markets react to these countries, what happens if the virus becomes widespread in Europe and Americas? We certainly hope that does not occur, but we must watch carefully. Watch how John Paul handles increased volatility by adjusting his stop loss among other measures.

Webinar Part 2 of 3

Part two begins with setting up an ATM Strategy in the Dynamic SuperDOM. An ATM Strategy is a feature built into NinjaTrader that allows you to preconfigure a profit target and stop loss setting. You can then apply this setting when you’re making a trade. ATM Strategies save you time from having to enter the profit and stop loss on the fly (in the middle of trade). As humans, we don’t want to click or type the wrong value under pressure/time constraints. It’s often wise to configure a few ATM Strategies. This way, you can select the most applicable one based on current market conditions. Pay attention to part two, here, because it also covers some regular SuperDOM use. We prefer using the SuperDOM rather than the Chart Trader panel. The SuperDOM provides a few more features.

Webinar Part 3 of 3

Here, you can see the Atlas Line running on a 5 Minute chart alongside the Trade Scalper running on a 2 Range chart. Look at how fast the 2 Range chart is in comparison. If you are comparing both products, go with the one that fits how you want to trade. Some people like fewer, larger trades. In that case, go with the Atlas Line. If you want more, smaller trades, go with the Trade Scalper. There are other reasons why you’d pick one over the other. If you need help, email us at

At about 5:00 in, you can see the Roadmap software. The Roadmap is a method that’s pretty much exclusive to our eight-week Mentorship Program. We use the Roadmap to find potential areas of support and resistance. There are specific A, B, C, and D levels that all mean something (we teach this in Mentorship). Also, the Roadmap software provides signals, though they occur much less often than the Trade Scalper, in comparison. We consider the Roadmap to be one of the foundational techniques. Use it for filtering, confirmation, etc.

The next Group Mentorship class begins Feb. 27, 2020. Classes are twice a week for the first six weeks. The final two weeks, classes are once a week. In total, it’s about 14 hours of live training with an instructor. All of our courses and software are included with lifetime licenses. You can enroll with $500 and receive the first week’s course and software (ATO 2) to use ahead of time. Click here for our Mentorship page.

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