Power Price Action Webinar – Futures, Currencies and Forex

We had a great turnout yesterday for the Power Price Action webinar sponsored by Optimus Futures. For those of you who were unable to attend, you can watch the recording here:

This presentation, shows how to day trade price action using techniques traders of all markets can put into practice:

  • Basic price action principles for futures trading
  • Emini trading vs currency trading vs Forex trading
  • How to set up your charts for optimal price action results
  • Common price patterns and how to use them
  • Why it’s never a good idea to use indicators
  • How to enter trades and fill orders more consistently
  • How to take advantage of mistakes other traders make (and their common trading behavior)
  • …And much more

While this webinar doesn’t show the unique methods taught in the full Power Price Action day trading course, there’s still a ton of valuable information. To learn day trading properly using the Power Price Action method, you can visit the Mentorship Program page (it’s included) or the Power Price Action website.


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