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Want to scalp pre-market conditions? Our powerful Trade Scalper price action software provides many opportunities. Our latest video gives you a review of today’s signals. We hope you enjoy!

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Generally, pre-market is slower, so you may switch to a 5-minute chart. Slower conditions may also be traded on a 2-range chart. Under normal conditions, the Trade Scalper is used on a 1-minute chart.

Volatility increases at market open. Do you engage in scalp trading within the first few minutes? According to John Paul, the answer is “no.” It’s better to wait until the initial volatility is reduced. The Long winner was an example of what can happen when things go right soon after market open.

John Paul places a trade based on the next signal, a Dbl Wick Short that appeared at the close of the 9:37 a.m. ET candle. The long or buying activity that occurs right after the signal is actually beneficial. It provides an opportunity to “get a better price,” that is, to begin an anticipated profitable “slide down” from a greater “height.” Watch the video to the end and you’ll see the profit target hit. That’s a winner!

The Trade Scalper works with multiple markets and charts types. You’ll learn how to trade them in the included live training and training video included with purchase. If anything is unclear, you can email our support staff at

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